World Natural Heritage of Russia. Republic of Tyva. Uvs Nuur Basin stamp from Russia

February 27th, 2013

Russian post issued a stamp sheet depicting the spectacular landscape of UVS Nuur Basin.

In 1993, on the territory of Uvs Nuur Basin a Russian natural biospheric reserve was created. It's the Russian part of trans-boundary Russian-Mongolian UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The Uvs Nuur Basin represents the rarest spectacle, where on the relatively small territory contrast landscapes coexist.

Besides, the reserve is characterized by diversity of species – unique combination of north (taiga, Siberian) and more south (desert, central Asian) species of plants and animals. Total quantity of plants on the territory exceeds 1000; seven species among them are registered in the Red Book of Russia.

There are more than 80 species of mammals and about 350 species of birds in the faunal list of Uvs Nuur Basin reserve.  Eight species of mammals and 34 species of birds have been registered in the Red Book of Russia; four species of mammals and 12 species of birds have been registered in the World Red Book. In the Basin ancient graves (about 300 burial mounds of the Scythian, Han and Sarmatian and Turkic tribes), prehistoric cave drawings and stone images have been found.

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