First Day Cover (FDC) Examples

A First Day Cover (FDC) is an envelope or card bearing a stamp which is cancelled on the day the stamp is initially placed on sale by the postal authorities. The hobby of FDC collecting is appealing for a wide range of collectors from different countries. The philately lovers have many options available for building such a unique FDC collection. Cachets are also the popular philatelic items to collect. They are available for each stamp issue, at prices from $1.00 to over $1,000.00.

The collectors are free to choose what topic of FDC to choose. These can be such themes as medicine, art, sport, nature, architecture, literature etc. The list of possible topics is very long and can reach into the hundreds. The collector can then decide whether to collect just a representative sample of cachets for the stamp, or to attempt to have a complete collection of all cachets for the stamp.

Other philately lovers prefer collecting the works specific cachet makers. The most famous are such producers as Artcraft, Artmaster and Farnam that began to make the original cachet works in the 1930's. Old cachets are very expensive and rare thus the decision to build an entire collection of the older cachet makers can be quite a challenge.

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