1847 Trinidad Lady McLeod cover sold for $40,000 at Spink. Latest stamp auction news

December 10th, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com is excited to share the latest auction news with our readers. This piece of info is devoted to 1847 Trinidad Lady Mcleod cover that was sold for US$40,000 at Spink. The lot stared in an auction of the David Pitts collection of Carribean stamps in London on September 19.

This cover carried on the Lady McLeod, a steamship that operated on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, was one of the most popular lots of the sale.

The stamp attached to the cover is considered to be the earliest stamp used in any British Colony. It was released in April 1847, even earlier than a famous Mauritius stamp. The item was specially designed to pre-pay the private conveyance of mails on the Lady Mcleod between Port of Spain and San Fernando. This particular cover displays this special stamp featuring the ship’s initials but no value. This is because these stamps were available at different rates depending on how many were bought.

The Lady McLeod began offering a postal service in 1845.

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