December 11th, 2017

New Year, new symbols. 2 new stamps introduced by Slovenia Post

Slovenia Post celebrates the arrival of the New Year with two special stamps featuring the bright symbols of the festive season: a snowman and a Christmas tree. In Slovenia people adore New Year holiday and observe this festive event with raucous parties, dances, performances and special feasts. invites everyone to appreciate these bright philatelic items that will definitely raise festive and good mood.

In the 20th century the expressions in New Year greetings had already created a range of fortune-bearing symbols, which were at the same time characteristic of the winter time. These included the snowman – a good-hearted character made of snow and certain items from a person’s living environment – and an evergreen Christmas tree.

The snowman’s nose was a carrot from the winter stores, his buttons were pieces of coal, his headgear a discarded pot and in his hand was a worn-out broom.  The figure of the snowman has been retained to the present day and it is widely considered as one of the most popular creative pursuits of kids and adults in the winter.

The oldest report of setting up a Christmas tree in Slovenia dates back to 1845. After the Second World War the New Year fir tree was introduced to celebrate New Year. In its early days it also provided the name for the holiday celebration, which in the early 1950s also introduced the invented character of Dedek Mraz (Grandpa Frost). Despite the assigning of a new tree (i.e. a fir instead of a spruce) and new name for the holiday, people still set up mainly spruces in their homes and in public places on the occasion of this great winter holiday.

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