August 2nd, 2018

A set of twenty O Beautiful stamps by USPS show America's majesty


The USPS has created and released a new set of twenty O Beautiful stamps that capture the beauty of the nation’s natural scenery while paying tribute to a stirring song that praised that beauty more than a century ago. The images that appeared on the stamps visually represents the lyrics of a famous “America the Beautiful” song composed by Katharine Lee Bates with music by Samuel Augustus Ward. The stamps were designed by an art director Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, MD, who used the existing photographs for this bright pane.

This song is considered by many to be the country’s unofficial national anthem and nowadays it remains one of the country's most popular patriotic songs.

“As we celebrate America’s 242nd birthday, the United States Postal Service shines a spotlight on our country’s unparalleled natural beauty with a pane of 20 stamps that corresponds with one of the nation’s most beloved songs,” said U.S. Postal Service Colorado Wyoming District Manager Kevin Romero.

Each stamp features a photograph that helps illustrate one of five phrases from the song’s famous first verse: “Spacious Skies,” “Waves of Grain,” “Mountain Majesties,” “The Fruited Plain,” and “Sea to Shining Sea.” This captivating issue that shows America in all its majesty highlight some of the nation’s hidden gems and ephemeral wonders like gorgeous wheat fields in Wisconsin and Montana, a double rainbow  arching over a Kansas field, a quietly stunning spring sunset over the green hills of Livermore etc. Let`s enjoy the beauty and grace of nature with this captivating as well as patriotic stamp issue!


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