August 4th, 2018

Two Åland stamps feature world class fireworks


Åland Post has prepared for release a set of two crackling stamps to celebrate the achievements of Åland pyrotechnicians JoHo Pyro in the art of pyrotechnics. The team became famous due to their debut in the 2016 International Fireworks Festival in Cannes. After it the team got the status of “the very best of the best”. The stamps feature the bright photographs from the Cannes shows made by Didier Brunel.

JoHo Pyro is a firework company since 2004 driven by Johan Hollander who has experience with professional fireworks since 2000. The company`s breakthrough came in 2006 when they won the Finnish Fireworks Championship. After participation in the 2016 International Fireworks Festival, JoHo Pyro made a grand slam winning both the Silver Vestal and the Public Prize. Both stamp motifs show images from the Cannes show, Johan’s greatest achievement so far. The team now competes for the 2018 Golden Vestal at the same festival. Showtime is on 15 August, and Johan’s objective is to win, obviously:

“Cannes is impressive, incredibly impressive, so, winning would be awesome. But, knowing that we’re competing against teams with mind-blowing resources and fantastic designers, we’re in for a tough battle. I keep my feet firmly on the ground. We’ll do everything in our power to display Åland and Finland in our show. Still, it is a competition and the only way to approach it is with a winner’s attitude; we hope and believe that we’ll place among the top three.”


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