America Series – Fight against Racial Discrimination stamp from Brazil

March 21st, 2013

Brazilian Post and SEPPIR have launched stamp series "America – Fight against Racial Discrimination". This initiative is a part of the programmed event marking the tenth anniversary of the creation of SEPPIR (Secretariat of Police Promoting Racial Equality) in Brazil and celebrating the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

As was informed, the purpose of this stamp issue is "to highlight awareness to the appreciation of the black population, an important part of the history of Brazil, and to fight against racial discrimination promoting cultural inclusion and equality among men" (Correios News 2/2013).

The stamp depicts three faces in profile, symbolizing racial diversity. The profile in black color extends to the representation of the struggle against racial discrimination, in the bottom of the stamp. Colorful profile brings attention to black people in everyday life - professionals, members of families and athletes on equal opportunities, walking on a ramp that becomes the central band of the Brazilian flag, represented on the right side of the stamp. On the left side of the composition, the drawing of Congress under the symbols of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal - UPAEP and the United Nations are depicted.