Chronicles of Victory. Khatyn stamp from Belarus

March 22nd, 2013

A stamp "Chronicles of Victory. Khatyn" was issued by the Byelorussian post.

Chronicles of Victory include both heroic and tragic events that led Byelorussian people to the Victory in World War II. One of the tragic symbols and sorrowful pages in the history of World War II is the village of Khatyn.

Khatyn was a village in Belarus, Minsk Voblast. On March 22, 1943, the population of the village was massacred during World War II by the 118th Schutzmannschaft battalion, formed in July 1942 in Kiev, mostly from Ukrainian collaborators, prisoners of war and deserters and the Waffen-SS special battalion "Dirlewanger".

On July 5, 1969 the opening ceremony of the memorial complex took place at the site of the former village of Khatyn. The Memorial embodies the idea of courage and defiance of the people who brought untold sacrifices for Victory.

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