Angerlehner museum – where art comes together

September 5th, 2014 is glad to inform that Austria Post has prepared a new stamp issue honoring a great museum - Angerlehner, which is popular not only in Austria but worldwide. This stamp will appear on the 12th of August and will be available for purchasing.

This museum hosts private Angerlehner collection that is based on the results of over 30 years of collecting contemporary art. With more than 1,500 paintings, the focus is on painting since 1950, supplemented by sketches, photographs and sculptures. The collector's personal approach, both in relation to experiencing the pictures and contact with artists, has created a strong connection to Austrian art.

Important exponents such as the "Neue Wilde" shape the collection's focus on abstract and expressionist movements. Stylistic variety also becomes apparent in works of informal and constructive art as well as in the multi-facetted examples of figurative painting.

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