Animal fans will be delighted with these stamps! So, there we go…

September 22nd, 2015

Are you an animal fan and the devoted stamp collector in one person? Then this stamp issue by PostNL is what you are searching for. The stamps depict cutie animal portraits by photographer Charlotte Dumas. recommends our readers to add these items to their collections.

Heroes and survivors

Together with designer Tessa van der Waals, Charlotte Dumas chose the most powerful and iconic pictures from her series. Mark-Jan Pieterse, Marketing Manager at PostNL, explains the new stamp sheet, "The stamps reflect the relationship between people and animals. Every stamp tells a unique story and the stamp sheet as a whole provides coherence.

The first stamp on the sheet shows a hero: the dog Guinness who, after the attacks of 11 September, helped locate survivors from the attack on the WTC. The final stamp shows a survivor: a tough stray cat from Morocco with visible scars from a life on the streets".
Animals in daily life

Charlotte Dumas drew her inspiration for the stamps from her portraits of animals created between 2004 and 2013. "I wanted to focus on the tranquil images of the animal, often at ease or right before or after an action. The stamp sheet as a whole reflects the role animals play in our daily life. These portraits have a direct link to our society and also tell a story about the continuously changing role of animals".