New school year began! Let’s recall this nostalgic time…

September 20th, 2015

Do you remember your school years? Do you want to return that funny and exciting time?

The new issue by Lithuania Post will help you to bury yourself in the past and recall all the pleasant moments you experienced when you was a child eager to learn. recommends our readers to look at this stamp and remember the life-long credo "Live and Learn".

The new stamp designed for National Education Day was created by a student Miglė Malkevičiūtė. "I am glad that the young artist Ms. Malkevičiūtė will join the released stamps collection. Deliberately, a student's piece was chosen for the stamp to mark Education Day and the beginning of a new school year", mentioned Head of Lithuania Post Stamps Department Ervinas Vaišnoras.
National Education day is celebrated on 1 September. On this day all the Lithuania's educational institutions announce the beginning of a new school year. Moreover, Education Day is legally included in the Parliament approved list of memorable days.

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