Brazilian Quadrilha festival as one of the most exciting annual events

August 1st, 2015 hurries to inform that Brazilian Post released a set of four stamps dedicated to Quadrilha – one of the most famous festivals of this exotic country. The colorful issue was unveiled and put on sale on the 1st of June.

The stamps present typical scenes from the June festivals, with couples performing the Quadrilha, considered the highlight of the celebrations honoring Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter. Based on the European palatial dance, the June festival Quadrilha, curiously, is known as a dance of the peasants.

The artist emphasized the movements of the dancers, the choreography, the musicians and their instruments, and the traditional "hick marriage", inserted into a space decorated with flags and Chinese lanterns. Complementing each stamp, the camp fire represents the heat and the traditional lights of the June festival period. The drawings were made on Canson paper and colored with watercolor and colored pencils.

From the smallest town to the largest capitals, the Quadrilhas perform in celebration for Saint John in the month of June. Many years ago, dancing in a Quadrilha stopped being a simple manifestation of popular culture.

Throughout the year the Quadrilhas play an important role in the Brazilian society and economy. Redeeming the popular culture and aware of the social transformations, the June festival Quadrilhas adapt themselves to the urban areas, developing sociocultural activities adherent to the citizenship of thousands of youngsters throughout Brazil, who begin to attend the rehearsal arenas almost religiously.

Currently, millions of people in Brazil develop activities related to the Quadrilhas. They are dancers, actors, musicians, plastic artists, playwrights and artisans of various crafts. With elaborate choreographies, beautiful, colorful and exquisite costumes and a musical repertoire typical of the June Festivals, the Quadrilhas promote a true spectacle wherever they perform, thrilling the audience with their expressions of joy, colors and rhythms.

The Confebraq seeks, through the Quadrilha culture, to present a plural and multifaceted Brazil, with original and innovative manifestations, which sometimes contrast and sometimes complement each other, always faithful to the fundamentals of the celebrations dedicated to the saints celebrated in June, the reason they are called June Festivals.

With this issue dedicated to June festival Quadrilhas, Brazilian Post, in partnership with Confebraq, honor this extremely popular and traditional dance, which delights for its choreography, colors and rhythms that are genuinely Brazilian.

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