The wide variety of stamps was put on sale in at Bristol charity shop

August 1st, 2015 got to know that thousands of nostalgic stamps have gone on sale to help raise money for charity.

Volunteers at the Oxfam book shop in Queens Road, Bristol has spent months rearranging the donated stamps, which were previously not on display. Placed into thick stamp folders of 100 each, they include stamps from as far back as the Second World War.

Three folders are going for £250, of which the money will go towards fighting poverty in different countries including India and Kazakhstan. James Hitch, deputy manager at the book store, said the volunteers have put in long hours to ensure the stamps were sorted.

"A few months ago, we decided we were going to start selling stamps", James added.

"All the rearrangement started from scratch, and all were donated to us throughout the years.

"We have sat on them for a long time, and the boxes were stacked and reached up to the ceiling. We had quite a lot of stamps.

"We got a very able team of volunteers together to sort out the stamps. They are all keen stamp collectors themselves, so they knew how to handle the precious ones.

"Their enthusiasm is really wonderful, and I have enjoyed working with them on rearranging the stamps".

"It was quite fascinating to be honest. A lot of the stamps we have never seen before, and I'm sure people will love to come and take a look.

"We also want to thank the people who have donated the stamps to us. They are incredibly generous and play a big part in ensuring we can keep fundraising". Sourced by

The wide variety of stamps was put on sale in at Bristol charity shop