Butterfly stamps link Jersey with China. 4 special stamps unveiled by Jersey Post

August 25th, 2017

Butterflies that have been recorded in both Jersey and China are featured on a set of six stamps that is to be issued by Jersey Post. Norwegian stamp artist, Martin Mörck, was again commissioned to collaborate with Chinese designer Wang Huming to produce six illustrations for the third instalment in a series looking at Jersey’s natural links with China.

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Melanie Gouzinis, Head of Philatelic at Jersey Post explains, “Jersey continues to develop its relationship with China both in terms of business and educational opportunities. Once again, we have used our stamp designs to explore some of the more simple aspects of everyday life and this year the focus is some of the butterflies that have been recorded in both Jersey and China.

“Colourful and captivating, butterflies often enrich the lives of onlookers and bring a feeling of peace. An abundance of different species is a good indication of the health of the countryside they are visiting.”
The six stamps feature the Black-veined white, Small tortoiseshell, Swallowtail, Purple emperor, White admiral and Camberwell beauty. The third issue in Jersey Post’s Links with China series, the stamps were preceded by Garden Flowers, issued on 22 September 2015 and Waterfowl, issued on 22 September 2016.