Marking 20 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Croatia. A special joint stamp issue introduced

August 19th, 2017

In 2017, Israel and Croatia mark 20 years of diplomatic relations. The goal is to strengthen friendly relations between the two countries. The relationship between the two countries has reached a high level of cooperation, friendship and dialogue during the past two decades because the two countries and their citizens got to know each other better and bonded. is glad to introduce this joint stamp issue that underlines and highlights the importance of the union between  two countries. So let’s appreciate the design of this item together!

Flowers that are characteristic for the two countries were selected as motifs for commemorative postage stamps: Israeli Crown Anemone and Croatian Iris, Croatian national flower as they relay a clear message regarding devotion, and of Israelis and Croatians identifying with their own national values and symbols of their countries.

Picturesque Crown Anemone, biblical meadow lilies, can be found across Israel, while the sophisticated Croatian Iris, a divine flower from the old Slavic mythology, is a traditional symbol of dignity, bravery and hope.

Crown Anemone (Anemone coronaria)

From the moment the first Anemones bloom, it is impossible to ignore them, even from a distance. Anemones face the sun and follow it throughout the day. This flower acts like a concave mirror, concentrating the sun's rays and warming the stamens and stigmata at its center to as much as ten degrees above the temperature in the surrounding area. This heat speeds up the germination of the pollen grains, thus reducing the chance that they will be washed away by rain.

In many places the Crown Anemone blooms in numerous different colors, mainly white, blue and purple, in addition to red. All have the same fragrance.

Surprisingly, the wind takes care of most of the pollination and all of Israel's Crown Anemones belong to a single genetic population, with no significant differences. Only the red flowers grow in the Southern part of the country, as they are more durable in the drier climate.

Croatian Iris (Iris croatica Prodan)

The only place in the world in which the Croatian Iris grows is on the forested limestone hills in western Croatia. It was not defined scientifically until 1962 and by 2000 it was declared by the Croatian Academy of Arts and Science as Croatia's national flower. This plant is known as Perunika in honor of Perun, the highest god of the pantheon and god of thunder and lightning in Slavic mythology. Legend has it that Perunika only grows where lightning has struck the ground. A special folk dancing festival named for the Iris is held in May, when the flowers bloom. The Croatian Iris is used to create especially beautiful hybrids with other iris species and its beauty and resistance make it a popular garden plant.

The rhizomes contain essential oils and fragrant resins. Powder prepared from these oils and resins is used in folk medicine, as well as in the preparation of perfumes and for other cosmetic purposes.