Canada’s most famous error stamp is coming to auction! Do not miss it!

October 8th, 2015

The "Inverted Seaway" - a 5c error from 1959 - has a US$13,500 estimate ahead of its sale at Vance Auctions in Ontario, Canada on October 15. This lightly cancelled stamp is one of an estimated 400 produced. Mint examples can achieve up to $16,000. encourages our readers not to miss an opportunity to acquire tis rare philatelic item.

The stamps depict the St Lawrence Seaway, which enables large ships to navigate from the Atlantic to the Great Lakes. The St. Lawrence Seaway Invert, also known as the Inverted Seaway of 1959 stamp, is probably one of the best known errors in the history of Canadian stamps. It features the St. Lawrence Seaway with an inverted center. It was created from a messed up run in the production wherein the opening of the bi-national St. Lawrence Seaway shipping route was celebrated on a limited number of five cent stamps which sported an inverted image of an entwined Canadian maple leaf and an American eagle.

The St. Lawrence Seaway Invert stamp is popular. Note, however, that it is not absolutely rare, as compared to the other expensive Canadian stamps. Reports say that more than 200 copies of the stamp are with private owners.

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