Åland Christmas seals to support disabled persons. Warm-hearted issue that cannot be avoided

October 7th, 2015

9 October sees the issue of the 2015 Christmas seals from Åland Post. This year's beneficiary, the Åland Assistance Dogs project, offers an invaluable everyday help for persons with chronical disabilities.

Stamp News.com invites our readers to add these decorative seals with a humorous twist to their collections.

Ever since the Åland Post began issuing Christmas seals in 1993, the profit from the sales has been donated to charity alternatively in support of new projects that benefit the Åland society. The 2015 beneficiary is the Åland Assistance Dogs project administrated by the Åland Neurological Association.

For the first time, Åland now has three assistance dogs trained to help persons with chronical disabilities. One dog is trained as a mobility service dog for a wheelchair-bound person and two dogs are trained as medical alert dogs to assist persons with epilepsy and diabetes.

Some of the mobility service dog's duties are to help with dressing and undressing, fetching and dropping off items and pulling a wheelchair. Medical alert dogs are trained to alert their handlers when the blood sugar drops or rises or when an attack is imminent. The dogs can also alert other people when their handlers are in need of assistance.

The grant from the sale of Christmas seals will be used for information material, veterinary expenses, insurance and special equipment for the dogs and their handlers.