December 3rd, 2014

“Don’t Cry, Peter” – the first Slovenian Partisan comedy

Tags: is glad to inform that Slovenia Post has introduced a series of "film" stamps marking significant anniversaries of various "firsts" in Slovene cinema: the first feature film, first box-office success, the first metres of Slovene film and so on. "Don't Cry, Peter", a children's Partisan comedy is the first Slovene feature film in Cinema Scope. And the first Partisan comedy. The issue was released on the 28th of November and is now available for purchasing.

A Partisan comedy is certainly something worth celebrating. It represents a kind of departure in the post-war period. Or better, it represents the end of that period. Slovenia breathed out and relaxed. The post-war poverty and "dictatorship of the proletariat" eased a little. The film is also worth honouring because in its time it was a box-office success, and not just in Slovenia (82,295) but around the former Yugoslavia (778,417). "Don't Cry, Peter" also remained a success, taking hold in popular culture.

Indeed it became an important and living part of Slovenia's cultural heritage. Little Peter's famous film line, "A si ti tudi not padu?" ("Did you fall in too?"), supposedly thought up by the little actor Bogdan Lubej himself, has enriched the Slovene language. It is significant to note that this was the last Partisan film of director France Štiglic, himself a former Partisan. And it is worth noting the detail that at least one critic in Belgrade became agitated at the humane portrayal of the enemy, the Germans, who did not shoot at the children in the film.

This reaction also testifies to the film marking a kind of historical turning point. Soon after this, "economic reform" began. The borders were opened for foreign travel. Apart from all this, "Don't Cry, Peter" is a good comedy.

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