Dragonflies honoured on a new set of stamps. Five special items unveiled by Australia Post

July 19th, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to let our readers know that nature’s own magnificent flying machine, the dragonfly, is being honoured on the next release of Australia Post stamps.

There are five new stamps priced at $1 each featuring the arrowhead rockmaster, the Australian tiger, the beautiful petaltail, the jewel flutterer — like the one being shown by Sharla, 5 — and the scarlet percher.

All in all this is very attractive issue the design of which is worth being appreciated.

Australia Post philatelic manager Michael Zsolt said the dragonfly stamps were the most important of the year, having been chosen to feature during Stamp Collecting Month.

“We’ve chosen to showcase dragonflies because they are incredibly eye-catching and important creatures to our ecosystem — but they’re not something a lot of people know about,” Mr Zsolt said.

“We hope that this series will educate both younger and older generations on this remarkable insect.”
Australia is home to about 325 species of dragonflies and there are 6000 known species worldwide.