Europa – China Tourism Year. Three bright stamps introduced by San Marino Post

June 28th, 2018 is glad to introduce to your attention a special set of three stamps by San Marino Post dedicated to Europa – China Tourism Year, which was decided in 2016 and  celebrates the spirit of sharing for better commercial and cultural changes between Europe and China. This initiative promotes less-known destinations in China and the European Union, on upgrading travel experience, facilitating the issuance of visas and improving aviation. The author of this bright issue is Ilaria Ruggeri who designed really modern looking philatelic items. 

The stamps feature the majestic buildings created by the architectural fusion of symbolic buildings of European and Chinese culture. The interesting images chosen for the stamp issue represent the will of the program to promote greater intercultural understanding, enhancing and facilitating travel experiences through new and better itineraries and promoting a more sustainable tourism. EU-China Tourism Year aims to strengthen the cooperation between the Chinese and EU authorities in the field of tourism: unprecedented level of attention paid to the growing importance of China as an origin market. The program also increases the tourism flows between China and Europe.


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