Finnish tastes reflected in bright stamps. Six beautiful items released by Finland Post

June 13th, 2018 is excited to present this special set of six stamps by Posti issued to celebrate Finnish favorite tastes. The delicacies that appeared on these bright items were offered by Posti's customers as stamp themes in spring 2017. These are coffee and salty licorice, for instance. Designed by Klaus Welp, the Finnish Tastes stamp booklet is definitely what each stamp collector wants to acquire. We also invite you to appreciate other beautiful stamps issued on “Food” theme.

Finnish culinary culture is infused with the natural flavours of the northern latitudes. It tells the story of a people who went from forest livelihoods to active interaction with neighbouring countries. Finnish cuisine is notable for generally combining traditional country fare and haute cuisine with contemporary continental style cooking. Finnish food culture is multidimensional. Its cuisine characteristics are strongly Scandinavian but separated from other Scandinavian countries due to its eastern influences.

Overall it is Finland’s Nordic location, with its snowy, freezing winters, pure soil and ground waters as well as long, light summer days which gives the Finnish cuisine its special, fresh taste. Fish, game and berries are characteristic of Finnish food culture. Finnish professionals have placed Finland on the gastronomic world map and made the capital, Helsinki, one of the globe’s most intriguing, trend-setting cities.


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