Europa 2018 – Bridges. An artistic stamp presented by France Post

June 8th, 2018 hurries to let you know that La Poste has presented its Europa 2018 stamp designed by Sandrine Chimbaud in a traditional way. This 2018 EUROPA stamp has an artistic feel, where you feel like you are looking at a work in progress. It depicts two bridges, that both have great importance. We also invite you to appreciate other stamps issued to take part in this famous philatelic competition.

So, the first bridge that appeared on a stamp is the Pont de l'Europe, also known as the European Bridge. It is a cross-border bridge that connects Germany and France, as it crosses the river Rhine. The bridge was built in 1960, and is seen as a symbol of reconciliation in Europe after World War II. The second bridge is the Passarelle des Deux Rives, or the Mimram Footbridge. It connects German Kehl and French Strasbourg, and this bridge is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge was built in 2004, and plays an integral part in the Garden of the Two Banks. The bridge was famed for its role in the 2009 NATO summit.