December 20th, 2017

Hang on, Doggy! A special stamp introduced by Slovenia Post

Tags: would like to present to our readers’ attention a special stamp by Slovenia Post that is dedicated to “Hang on, Doggy” – the first Slovene film about modern-day children.

At the same time it was the first “proper” youth film made by director Jane Kavčič. Featuring film’s main hero with his dog, this special stamp was designed by Zadruga Traparij.

The seventies were a period in which the filming of literary works became widespread in Slovenia. These were mainly adaptations of the classics from Slovenian literature. There was, however, the noteworthy exception, based on a children’s book. Hang On, Doggy, a children’s comedy about the restrictions of life in urban surroundings, was very popular.

The comedy set in a suburban environment and went on to become one of biggest hits. The film was even sold internationally. Hang on, Doggy is distinguished by an approach where for the first time in Slovene cinema it was not the projection of an adult view of children, but rather comes very close to their self-understanding.

As you can still see for yourself today, it is in all respects an outstanding piece of film-making that demonstrates an enviable professionalism of domestic film production in the seventies. And this despite the fact that in 1977 only two full-length feature films were made in Slovenia.

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