December 19th, 2017

Lithuania Post celebrates Christmas by issuing scented Postage Stamps. 2 special items presented

To announce the approach of Christmas and New Year Lithuania Post has released two celebratory postage stamps. This year, these festive stamps are very special as they smell of ginger biscuits.

Celebratory postage stamps for Christmas and the New Year were created by artist and illustrator of children’s books Aušra Kiudulaitė. invites everyone to take a look at these cute items!

This year’s Lithuania postage stamps depict symbolic for a festive time themes: the Lithuania Father Frost and stories of a small town. The first stamp features the back of Father Christmas who holds the whole world. He brings winter and snow that covered houses and trees. That’s what the approach of Christmas means to people – it brings not just the holidays, but the whole world.

Another postage stamp depicts the daily life of a small snow covered town: shining stars, smoke cosily rising from chimneys, people coming home after work.

Lithuania Post has issued the scented stamps for the first time in its history. They were printed in France, which is considered to be the “home country” of perfume.  Scented postage stamps are created by using modern flexographic technology. A special ink that contains compressed perfume bubbles is used. To feel the adorable smell of these stamps you should rub their surface.

Such an unusual product appeared for the first time in the middle of the 1970s in the Kingdom of Bhutan, where a series of six postage stamps depicting red roses was released. Each stamp in this series smelled of roses. The Lithuanian festive stamps smell like traditional ginger biscuits that are so popular during winter holidays.

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