April 10th, 2018

Jersey Post marks 75th anniversary of Dam Buster raids. Six exquisite stamps introduced to collectors` attention

The Dambusters Raid of May 1943 was one of the most iconic air operations of WW2. To mark this important historic battlefield Jersey Post has prepared for issuing a set of six stamps. The raid, officially titled Operation Chastise, has become known as The Dam Busters raid. An example of bravery and ingenuity, Operation Chastise was audacious in every way - combining the skill and bravery of an elite squadron with the genius of Sir Barnes Wallis and his bouncing bomb.

So, let study the design of each stamp closer.

  • 50p stamp depicts the squadron with the a crew silhouetted against  the sky behind them.

  • 65p stamp features Avro Lancaster B Mk III Special Bomber: the Lancasters used by the dambusters were a special variant of the standard Lancaster specially modified by Lancaster designer Roy Chadwick to accomodate the special Upkeep weapon developed by Barnes Wallis.

  • 76p stamp – the theme of this item is targeting and bomb aiming 

  • 82p stamp features the bouncing bomb - a bomb designed to bounce to a target across water in a calculated manner to avoid obstacles.

  • 94p - The raid - The bomb explodes after rolling down, close to the wall of the dam and explodes hurling a plume of water into the sky. The water pressure of the explosion under the water causes the dam to rupture. Foreground: Members of 617 Squadron discuss the targets. 

  • £1.12 stamp is dedicated to Sir Barnes Wallis. He was an engineer and inventor, most famous for developing the "bouncing bombs" used by 617 Squadron ("The Dam Busters").


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