April 9th, 2018

Nature’s drama captured on this year’s Åland Sepac issue. A special scenic stamp introduced by Åland Post


FindYourStampsValue.com hurries to let our readers know that Åland Post has unveiled a special issue in the Sepac series of stamps released by small European posts. The theme of this year`s joint issue is “Spectacular views” and Åland Post prepared a bright stamp that illustrates the mighty spectacle when the swell of the waves breaks against the rocks at Hammarudda. 

The photo that is depicted on the stamp was taken by Åland nature photographer Niclas Nordlund who focused on nature motifs with seabirds to create this special issue. The photo was shot by him on a winter afternoon in December. Featuring the spectacular views near Hammarudda that is one of the most popular tourists’ destinations where the unremitting forces of the sea may be experienced.

The Åland landscape displays great diversity ranging from barren skerries to forests and fertile cultivated land on the main island. With a patchwork archipelago of more than 6500 islands and skerries, water forms almost 90 % of the total area.


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