MOST POPULAR STAMPS 2015 by StampNews readers' opinion

March 7th, 2016

The year 2016 has just begun but the team of is ready to present to our readers' attention the ranking of “Most popular stamps 2015 by our readers' opinion”. The list of winners is completed after analyzing our reader's preferences concerning the stamps issued in the year 2015.

This is our third ranking; meanwhile the two previous ones were issued by results of 2013 and 2014 relatively.

Four bright stamps were selected by our readers' opinion to be the most popular and interesting for collectors and philately lovers worldwide.

Main stamp of the year 2015

According to all rates that are votes, views and likes the main stamp of 2015 was selected. And it is a stamp by Poland Post issued to celebrate one of the most romantic holidays – St. Valentine's Day (original news).

Main stamp of the year 2015: Poland Post - St. Valentine's Day stamp

Valentine’s Day has not been celebrated in Poland as only this English-culture entered recently Polish society. Romantic Poles were very quick in adopting Valentine’s Day and nowadays it as popular in Poland as anywhere else.

The representatives of Poland Post commented on the issuing of this original and romantic stamp: “The Valentine postage stamp is one of the most popular issues in Poland this year”.
As we see this item is popular not only in Poland but also worldwide.


Most viewed stamp 2015

The status of “Most viewed stamp” two completely different but at the same time appealing stamps acquired. They got nearly the same number of views and votes. Are you eager to get to know which stamps received this award? Here we go.

The first philatelic item was introduced by Slovenian Post. It is dedicated to delicious traditional Slovene breakfast (original news).

Most viewed stamp 2015: Slovenian Post - Traditional Slovene Breakfast

This original stamp is really something special as it was printed using a special technique and it has the delicious scent of honey. This special item was designed by Matjaž Učakar who has already created the third stamp that is included in our annual ranking.

Two previous stamps you can appreciate by following these links: 

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One more stamp that entered the category of “Most viewed ones” was introduced by Gibraltar Post. This item was released to commemorate Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch ‒ Elizabeth II (original news).

Most viewed stamp 2015: Gibraltar Post - Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch ‒ Elizabeth II

The team of got interesting information from the representative of Gibraltar Post concerning this original philatelic item. This stamp is important because of several reasons.

First of all, Queen Elizabeth II was set to become the longest ever reigning monarch in British history. On the 9th September 2015, she passed the record set by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria. To celebrate this achievement, Gibraltar Post decided to introduce its first ever single ten pound stamp and also for the first time in a Gibraltar stamp the wording "Queen of Gibraltar" was printed on it. The item depicts Queen Elizabeth II in her younger days using a photograph taken by the world renowned photographer Sir Cecil Beaton, which widely known to be the most prominent royal photographer.

The second reason that underlines the significance of this philatelic issue is that the stamp features 22ct gold on the design using an innovative thermography printing technique in cooperation with stamp printers Lowe Martin in Canada.
Actually the philatelic news dedicated to Queen is among the most popular releases, but this one really cracked the record. Let`s appreciate this stamp one more time together!

Most-shared stamp 2015

One more nomination that is included in our ranking of “Most popular stamps 2015” is “Most-shared stamp”.

This award was received by a philatelic item from Liechtenstein Post with a theme “Sunlight as the foundation of life for humans” (original news).

Most-shared stamp 2015: Liechtenstein Post - Sunlight as the foundation of life for humans

In addition to the beauty of this bright stamp it can also boast by the original and unusual design. This item is special because its background glows in the dark owing to its fluorescent colour. It turns into a source of light if it was exposed to sunlight beforehand. One more peculiarity of this original stamp is its micro-perforations that become easily visible as the light waves are diffracted through the small openings.

So, it was the ranking of “Most popular stamps 2015 by StampNews readers’ opinion”. Hopefully, these stamps appealed to you and they will occupy an undiminished place in your amazing stamp collections.