Resurrection of Christ as a symbol of Easter. Two festive stamps released by Serbia Post!

March 10th, 2016

Easter Sunday is the date of the annual celebration of Christ's resurrection. The Orthodox Church celebrates the Easter on the basis of the Julian calendar. The date is not fixed, but denotes the same season of the year and is awaited by all Christians from around the world. To celebrate this important holiday Serbian Post has prepared two commemorative stamps that depict Resurrection of Christ. encourages our readers to these originally-designed stamps to their topical stamp collections! Let's celebrate Easter together!

Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays. This is a day of eternal joy, the day when Christ, the Son of God, conquered the death. By the act of resurrection Jesus Christ proved his divine power and opened the gate of eternal life, joy and happiness that we can find in our faith. On Easter Sunday morning the church bells toll, and the people, together with their priest, go around the church. After the third round they stand in front of the church door.

The priest carries the cross, candle and the censer and chants the Easter hymn. The door open and they enter the church where liturgy continues. When it ends, people greet each other with the words: "The Christ has resurrected", and "Indeed he has". There are many customs connected with Easter Sunday, and certainly one of them that children like best, is colouring and offering of eggs. The first egg is coloured red and in many parts of our country it is called "The house keeper" and is kept for the whole year, until the next Easter.

Motif on the stamp of nominal value 23,00 RSD: Icon "Resurrection of Christ", 18th century, Boka Kotorska school of icon painting, the National Museum in Belgrade. The motif on the stamp 74,00 din: the icon "Resurrection of Christ", 19th century, Vojvodina (?) National Museum in Belgrade. The motif on the envelope: "Descent into Hell", embroidery, silk, the end of the 14th century, National Museum in Belgrade.

Serbia Post: Easter 2016 First Day Cover