Next stamp issue dedicated to one of the most popular Chinese novels

September 27th, 2014 is glad to inform that Taiwan Post is to issue the next set of stamps dedicated to the popular novel – "Red Chamber Dream". This issue consists of four stamps that are to be released on the 27th of October. Back in 1998, Chunghwa Post issued a set of four "Chinese Classic Novel - "Red Chamber Dream" Postage Stamps that became an instant hit. Chunghwa Post now follows up with a series of sixteen stamps, to be released in the order of the book chapters.

The designs of this particular issue follow:

1. Sister Feng Makes an Entry (NT$5): When Daiyu first enters Jia's mansion, Wang Xifeng, dolled up in her best getup, clasps Daiyu's hand, praises her comeliness, and says that she is a spitting image of Grandmother Jia's granddaughter with her elegance and presence. The comment flatters both Daiyu and Grandmother Jia. Xifeng weeps when the conversation detours to Daiyu's bereavement; but her sadness gives way to joy as soon as Grandmother Jia advises her against further provocation. Such shrewd adaptability attests to Xifeng's status in Jia's family and her character.

2. Baoyu Inscribes on the Horizontal Boards (NT$5): The Jia Family lavishes money on building a lush visitation garden to receive Consort Yuanchun's visit to her parents. Upon completion, Jia Zheng and Baoyu accompany several guests to tour the garden. Baoyu dazzles the guests with his wit as he aptly provides couplets to every attraction in the garden. By virtue of this tour, the author cleverly unveils the points of interest in Daguanyuan, the setting for the activities of the novel's main characters.

3. Yuanchun's Visitation (NT$10): Consort Yuanchun is granted the court's permission to visit her parents on Lantern Festival. On the day of the visit, the consort meets with Grandmother Jia and Lady Wang. Following the customarily required etiquette, the mother-daughter-sisters reminisce about the sentiment of their separation, and various family affairs. The author vividly describes the grandeur of the house of Jia in its prime, the impressive entourage assemble, and the touching moments of the reunion.

4. Baochai Chasing the Butterflies (NT$25): Baochai sees a pair of butterflies dancing in the wind, and pursues them with her fan. Her pursuit takes her to Dicui Pavilion, where she hears whispering. Fearing that her intent be exposed, causing suspicion, Baochai pretends that she is on a pursuit of Daiyu here in the Pavilion. With this episode, the author writes about Baochai's tactfulness, vibrant personality, and the side of her machination.

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