Picturesque bridges of Kyrgyzstan. Two beautiful Europa 2018 stamps presented by KEP

June 22nd, 2018 is glad to inform that Kyrgyz Express Post put into circulation a series of two Europa 2018 stamps: “Bridges”.  From the ancient times bridges have been considered a symbol of progress, stability, cohesion and cooperation. Nowadays these constructions are important engineering facilities that serve for our traffic needs. We invite you to appreciate this colourful set of stamps and other beautiful Europa 2018 issues

For Kyrgyzstan, which has a highly complex mountainous terrain, bridges have always played and continue to play a primary role in the field of communications. At present, in Bishkek alone, there are 42 bridges and overpasses. The philatelic issue presented by KEP features two bridges: an automobile and a railway bridge. 

So, the first stamp depicts the automobile bridge near the town of Kara-Kul (Jalal-Abad region). This bridge is part of the strategically important Bishkek - Osh highway, linking the north and south-west of Kyrgyzstan. The second item features a railway bridge across the Naryn River near the village of Kuduk (Jalal-Abad region). This is the largest railway bridge in Kyrgyzstan with a length of 210 meters.