Swarovski crystals appeared on a new festive stamp. Glittering Christmas issue introduced by Austria Post

December 14th, 2017

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to let our readers know that Austria Post has released an original Christmas stamp depicting traditional decorations that are adorned with Swarowski crystals.

Bright stars and snowflakes, with their delicate shapes, are among the most popular symbols of winter and the feast of Christmas, and the ones on this Christmas stamp are particularly fine, decorated with a genuine, sparkling Swarovski crystal.

This extraordinary and bright stamp could be one of the brightest candidates for our annual ranking of “Top 10 most extraordinary stamps”.

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A deep blue sky and glittering snowflakes, dancing through the air like little stars – this is a winter landscape that appeared on this year’s Christmas stamp issue by Austria Post. The stars and snowflakes on the commemorative stamp are designs from the traditional Christmas ornament range, for which Swarovski issues a new glittering crystal ornament in the shape of a star or a snowflake every year. This tradition that has lasted for 25 years added a special festive atmosphere to Christmas season.

One of the Christmas decorations that was depicted on a stamp is adorned with the glittering crystal. It sparkles in an especially magical way as Swarovski has used an Aurora Borealis effect for creating this crystal. It makes a crystal glitter in all the colours of the rainbow, reminding us of the iridescent beauty of the Northern lights. The Aurora Borealis effect was first revealed to the international public in 1956 and to this day it still exudes timeless elegance.