Child-like joy and good cheer reflected on stamps. 4 new Christmas items introduced by ELTA

December 13th, 2017 hurries to let our readers know that Hellenic Post celebrates the holiday season with a special set of Christmas stamps, bringing the programme of issues for 2017 to a close in high spirits.

The four stamps in the set convey all the magic of Christmas with child-like joy and good cheer, reflecting the enthusiasm and anticipation that overwhelm everyone during a festive time.

Most importantly, like everywhere else, Christmas is the best holiday for the children. It means 2 weeks away from school, presents, sweets, Christmas tree and Carols (Kalanta or Kalanda). The stamps convey the magic of Christmas as well as enthusiasm of the children who eagerly wait for the most magical holiday of the year.

Christmas postage stamps are filled with “winter spirit”. They feature a snow-covered, dreamy landscape full of snowflakes, New Year garlands and bright lights.

In the festive atmosphere of Christmas, the laughter of children is mixed with bird chirping and Christmas carols. The postage stamps also show such cute animals as a king-penguin, bear in the costume of Santa Claus, a charming baby-deer and a cheerful playful squirrel. The magical atmosphere of the holiday is reflected in the eyes of children.