The 70th anniversary of the Lambretta Scooter marked by Italy Post. One stamp with a special retro motive released

July 15th, 2017

In 2017 a great anniversary in the history of Italy takes place, and through it might be less significant than WWI, it is definitely worth celebrating. This anniversary is the 70th anniversary of the famous Italian Lambretta Scooter.

On this occasion Italy Post has released a special retro stamp that is highly recommended to our readers by Let’s appreciate the design of this item together!

Lambretta was founded in Milan, Italy, and was named after the part of the town, Lambrate, where it was originally produced.  The idea for the scooter came after WWII, when the factory of the founder, Ferdinando Innocenti, was heavily bombed. As he surveyed the ruins, he came up with the idea for a cheap and easy means of private transportation. He started production in 1947 in Milan.  The Lambretta scooter has been widely popluar all around the globe, and has been produced under various names in other parts of the world.

The stamp shows two people on Lambrettas, with a woman posing for a photo for the man.

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