June 5th, 2018

The famous 1918 24-cent Inverted “Jenny” Error is to be sold by Siegel. One of the greatest US philatelic rarities is to fetch $450,000

FindYourStampsValue.com is excited to announce that one of the finest examples of 1918 24-cent Inverted “Jenny” Error stamps is to be sold by Siegel during its “2018 Rarities of the World” sale that will take place on June 27, 2018.  The lot is the 1918 24 cent airmail stamp with an inverted center. It is called several names, but without a doubt, it is the most famous U.S. stamp ever. It is a stamp that many collectors dream about. This is one of only 100 in existence.

Despite the great rarity and value of Inverted Jenny stamps, many of the original hundred have been mistreated by collectors over the years. Seven of the Inverted Jennies have been reported destroyed or lost in one way or another over the years and many more have been the victim of improper handling and storage. Also, hinges have damaged the gum and caused thins. Some have creases and others are toned showing that they have been in contact with acidic paper for long periods of time.

The stamp offered by Siegel (Position 15) was owned by John H. Clapp, scion of a wealthy Pennsylvania oil family. He passed away in 1940 and shortly afterward his entire stamp collection was sold to dealer Spencer Anderson for $100,000. The stamp was also sold in 1966, where it realized $9,000, selling to Robert A. Siegel, who was likely acting as an agent for collector Dr. Drew B. Meilstrup. It next sold in the 1973 Siegel auction of the Meilstrup collection to an anonymous buyer. It has made only three other auction appearances since 1973, selling in 1997 to dealer Irwin Weinberg. The purple ink marks were not present when it was offered in 1997.

Robert A Siegel auction house estimates that this time this unique philatelic rarity will be sold for $450,000. So, let's follow the auction to see its exciting results!


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