Experience nature in four seasons with colourful issue from PostNL. Ten Insects appeared on ten special stamps

June 6th, 2018

FindYourStampsValue.com is excited to present ten bright stamps from the new ‘Experience Nature’ stamp series launched by PostNL this year. There will be a ten-stamp sheetlet for each season. This is a summer edition of the stamp series that feature insects that can be found in Netherlands. The autumn version of this stamp series, with mushrooms, will follow in October.

These bright stamps feature insects in their natural environment. Most images run almost imperceptibly through onto the adjacent stamp. This makes it seem like the insects live side by side in the same habitat. We also invite you to take a look at other colourful stamp issues dedicated to insects

The photos of insects that appeared on the stamps were carefully selected by a graphic designer Frank Janse from Gouda. At first, there were one thousand photographs for each of the four stamp sheetlets, but the designer managed to choose the brightest ten photographs. He was guided by both the beauty of the photograph and the special characteristics of the depicted plants and animals. 

With the 'Experience Nature' stamp series, PostNL pays tribute to the diversity of nature in the Netherlands. "The stamps in this series show Dutch nature on its best behaviour," says Stephan van den Eijnden, PostNL's Commercial Director for Mail. "After the reptiles & amphibians and the wildflowers, 10 insects are showing themselves in their best light. A promising run-up to the fourth sheetlet, which will be appearing this autumn."