The sense of taste – a wonderful gift of nature

November 20th, 2014 is glad to inform that Swiss Post has released a special stamp to underline the importance of one of our five natural senses – taste. The stamp depicts two tongues. The item has been already released and is now available for purchasing.

Our five senses are wonderful gifts of nature. Being able to use them to the full, and thus to enjoy life to the utmost, is a true privilege. One of these senses is the focus of this year's celebrity stamp, designed by Pipilotti Rist: the sense of taste and thus the tongue. This can be linked with the world of postage stamps: over half of all Swiss stamps are gummed and have to be licked - unless one has a damp sponge to hand - in order to frank a letter and send it on its journey. But not all stamps taste the same. Here's one to savour.

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