The Slovak National Uprising as a symbol of freedom and democracy

August 17th, 2014 is glad to inform that Slovak Post is to issue a special commemorative stamp commemorating an important historical event – the Slovak National Uprising of 1944. The stamp depicts the monument erected to mark this event. This item will be available for purchasing from the 29th of August.

The Slovak National Uprising of 1944 represents one of the greatest armed anti-fascist events taking place during the years of the World War II. Slovak political representatives of the left-wing communist and civic democratic illegal anti-fascist movement, with a military headquarters founded at the Headquarters of Land Forces of the Slovak Army in Banská Bystrica in spring 1944, had participated on its preparation since December 1943. An objective of the uprising was to military react against Nazi Germany and its Slovak cooperators at a right moment, change the Slovakia's position of a vassal state of the Third Reich with help of the allied world powers, and bring it to the anti-fascist camp of the Allies.

The postage stamp is based on the impressive work of the academic sculptor Jozef Jankovič from 1969, "Obete varujú" (Victims warn us), being a part of the SNP memorial in Banská Bystrica. The memorial silhouette is included in the special postmark.  A motive of the first day cover is the town castle in Banská Bystrica and includes also the coat of arms of the town.

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