Twenty years of freedom and democracy – new stamp issue of South Africa Post

August 19th, 2014 is glad to inform that the Post Office of South Africa celebrates 20 years of freedom and democracy by issuing a commemorative series of stamps. This momentous occasion presents an opportunity for all South Africans to reflect on how our freedom and democracy were achieved. Government has encouraged every sector of society to reflect on the progress made and the challenges the people have faced over the past two decades. During this time, the South African Post Office has issued a variety of stamps in celebration of the progress and achievements. This particular stamp issue honors Nelson Mandela as a symbol of freedom and democracy.

Nelson Mandela's legacy

27 April 1994 was a defining moment in South Africa's history, which changed the lives of millions of South Africans. Following a series of tense negotiations and years of liberation struggle, the first democratic election was held, paving the way towards a new democratic dispensation and a new constitution for the country. For the first time South Africans of all races were going to the polls to vote for a government of their choice.

This historic event was preceded on 11 February 1990 with Nelson Mandela's unconditional release from prison after 27 years. The image of Nelson Mandela emerging as a free man from the then Victor Verster Prison near Cape Town, symbolises the freedom of our people.

Embedded in the footprints of Nelson Mandela's long walk to freedom are the values of ubuntu, integrity, inspiration and learning. Serving as an example for future generations, he will be remembered for his courage to stand up for his principles against the odds, his unwavering commitment to create a more just society, his compassion for all human beings, and for being a "humble servant" of his people.

20 Years of achievements - 20 Years of stamps


Today, South Africa's Constitution is one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, with a Bill of Rights second to none. The introductory words of the preamble to the Constitution are featured on the last stamp issue in the Constitution Hill series.

Coat of Arms

South Africa's Coat of Arms was launched on Freedom Day, 27 April 2000. The motto is: !ke e: /xarra //ke, written in the Khoisan language of the /Xam people, meaning diverse people unite.

Mandela Bridge

Mandela Bridge, opened in July 2003, is 284 metres long and spans 42 operational railway lines linking Braamfontein and the north of Johannesburg to Newtown in the heart of the city's CBD.


Launched on 17 September 2009 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Sumbandila Sat has proved that South Africa is taking up its rightful place in this and other advanced technology industries.

Soccer City, Johannesburg

South Africa's 10 World Cup soccer stadiums, designed to be multipurpose facilities suitable for different sports, as well as entertainment and other community purposes, will leave a lasting sporting legacy.

20 years of achievements – South African Post Office

During South Africa's 20 Years of Democracy, the South African Post Office transformed it's services to stay relevant to the needs of the people.

More than 10 million households in South Africa now have postal addresses.

To introduce innovative initiatives the Post Office has developed eBusiness solutions to give customers the option to use electronic communication vehicles without changing suppliers. eBusiness Solutions include Hybrid Mail, the Virtual Post Office, Mobile Communication, Third Party Online Payments and the SAPO Trust Centre Services.

Over the past three years, Post Office volunteers helped local schools to plant more than 2 800 trees at schools throughout South Africa. This sets off more than 3,5% of the Post Office's carbon footprint, beautifies the school grounds, and encourages learners to care for their environment.

Since the inception of the Mzansi account concept, Postbank has provided close to 4 million Mzansi accounts. There are more than 1 400 Postbank branches countrywide.

Customers can conclude a number of transactions at the Post Office thanks to post offices countrywide now providing services other than those related to official postal business.