The Steyrtalbahn – Austria’s oldest railway

September 7th, 2014 got to know that Austria Post is to issue a new stamp on occasion of 125 years of the Steyrtalbahn. The stamp will be released and put into circulation on 20th of September.

The Steyrtalbahn is a narrow gauge (760mm) railway in Austria, formed back in 1888. Today it is operated as a museum railway featuring vintage steam locomotives and coaches, running through the beautiful Steyr Valley. I took this photo during a trip to the Steyr Valley, Austria, in 2012.

The "Austrian Society for Railway History" rescued a 17km long stretch of track and in 1985 it was opened as a museum's railway. The line goes from Steyr through the meadow lands of the Steyr Valley to the Grünburg station, which is part of the parish of Waldneukirchen.

It goes through wonderful woodland and meadows along the banks of the river Steyr, one of the cleanest rivers in Austria. The engines and carriages have been restored with attention to detail so that it is almost impossible to imagine that our old timer has been in service for over 100 years.

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