September 26th, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmas by Catherine Rowe. A festive set of 12 stamps to bring joy and cheer! is excited to introduce to our readers’ attention the next festive stamp issue that celebrates so long-awaited Christmas holidays. This new collection of twelve stamps has been presented by Isle of Man Post Office with best wishes and good cheer in the spirit of the popular Christmas song that inspired these lyrical illustrations by Catherine Rowe.

Let’s appreciate these bright philatelic items together!

In her first commission for Isle of Man Post Office, artist Catherine Rowe has done a wonderful job in capturing the spirit of Christmas in this set of twelve stamps.

There is a stamp for each of the twelve days and Rowe has incorporated some intricate Celtic style detailing such as the Three Legs of Man and Manx Tartan as a small nod to the Island’s heritage and culture.TThe gorgeous, bold colour palette of the stamps is delicately contrasted through the use of metallic gold inks used on the numbers and detailing.

Taking inspiration from the well-known Christmas song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, Rowe has managed to give these stamps traditional Christmas warmth as well as a natural and earthy feel.

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