September 8th, 2017

Wild Icelandic Vegetation II – Lichen. Two bright stamps introduced by Iceland Post

Tags: is happy to introduce to collectors’ attention two bright stamps from the series Wild Icelandic Vegetation that was recently unveiled by Iceland Post.

These two items feature two kinds of lichens and will be especially interesting for the topical stamp collectors who are eager to enrich their philatelic wealth. So, let’s appreciate the fresh design of these colourful stamps together!

Common orange lichen (Xanthoria parietina) is a common lichen in places where maritime climate is prevalent in Iceland. Widespread in the South and West of Iceland, it grows on rocks, concrete walls or even tree trunks! Sometimes it even covers whole rock faces on bird cliffs!

It is quite big, often 6-10 cm in diameter and best distinguished from other lichens by distinctively leafy edges which are easy to pry loose from the underlay (although it is not recommended, Icelandic vegetation being extremely vulnerable)

Bullseye lichen (Placopsis gelida) is common all over the country. It lives in close proximity with green algae. Bullseye lichen was one of the first three lichens to be found in Surtsey after the island formed in 1963. It is common where humid marine climate prevails but rarely found in the country’s northern interior where the climate is more continental.

It can also be found at high altitudes where foggy weather is more common than in the lowlands. The bullseye lichen grows on stones, both basalt and tuff, and often on pebbles on the ground.

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