May 20th, 2018

“The Whole Country is Red” stamp is being offered by Kelleher and Rogers! The lot is to fetch $108,280 is excited to share the latest auction news with all philately enthusiasts. This piece of info concerns Kelleher and Rogers auction that will take place in May, 25-26. One of the highlights of this interesting sale will be one of the greatest Chinese philatelic rarities - China’s 1968 8-fen The Whole Country is Red stamp. This is an iconic, world-famous issue. 

The stamp shows Mao’s enormous political revolution that imposed China’s commitment to Communism. The item strengthened that notion by declaring the phrase: ‘the whole country is red’. It featured an army of smiling Chinese citizens holding Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’, a symbol of communism. Although the overall design of this philatelic item was made in red colour, the small island of Taiwan, to the right, was left in white. That is why this stamp is so valuable, as it contains a design mistake! 

The example in the upcoming Kelleher and Rogers’ sale is described by the auction firm as “post office fresh” and “a visually stunning top margin example, with the most perfect centering we have ever seen.” Kelleher and Rogers lists an estimate value of $95,540 to $108,280 for this stunning Chinese philatelic gem. So, let`s follow this auction to get to know its impressive results!


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