2c Black D. Grill block of four stamps is to be auctioned by Siegel. A famous US rarity is to fetch $80,000!

April 19th, 2018

FindYourStampsValue.com is glad to share the latest auction news with philately enthusiasts. This piece of info is about 2c Black D.Grill block of four that is to be auctioned by Siegel on April 23, 2018 within its sale of “The Bernard Faust Collection of U.S. 1863-68 Black Jack Issues”. This famous multiply in a fine condition is to fetch $80,000!

The 2c D Grill is the rarest of the regularly-issued 1868 Grills, excluding the supremely rare Z Grill stamps. The 2c D Grill is rare even as a single and multiples of any size or configuration are great rarities. The block offered that is offered by Siegel was bought by Mr. Faust in the 1988 Christie's sale of the Walter C. Klein collection. Many stamp dealers were eager to divide this block into singles but thanks to Mr. Faust it didn`t happen. 

As Siegel stated in the lot description: “This original-gum block of the 1868 2c D Grill is notable for two significant reasons: first, its rarity as a surviving multiple, and, second, the superb quality of the four stamps contained in the block. The second virtue is the reason the block's survival is so miraculous.” 

Being in extremely fine condition, this philatelic rarity is definitely the finest quality multiply of the 1868 2-cent D Grill in private hands, comprising four superb singles. So let’s follow this auction to see if the actual price of this lot matches its estimate!