The oldest Roman bridges appeared on HP Mostar's issue. Two beautiful EUROPA 2018 stamps released

April 24th, 2018

PostEurop members have bridges as a theme for the year 2018 and is excited to present to our readers` attention a set of two beautiful Europa 2018 stamps by Croatian Post (HP) Mostar. The items show two bridges that are known as the most beautiful and oldest bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are the Roman bridges in Plandište and the on the Šujica river. The stamps were designed by Vijeko Lučić.

So, the first stamp features the Roman bridge in Plandište is the stone bridge on the Bosna River that was erected in the first half of 16th century. The bridge has seven semicircular arches and was built out of carved stone. There are some ancient remnants Roman settlements around this bridge and it means that this area has been inhabited for ages. The Roman bridge in Plandište is a protected cultural monument. 

The Roman bridge on the Šujica river that appeared on the second stamp is one of the most picturesque historic bridges of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bridge lies near the remnants of the Roman fortress Stržanj. This area was inhabited for ages, and the oldest inhabitants were the Illyric tribe Delmati. This bridge should also be proclaimed as a national monument of B&H in the near future.

We invite all philatelic enthusiasts to appreciate these bright items!